Ryan’s Food Emporium

Ryan’s Butchers was established in the early 1960’s by Tom and
Helen Ryan. Their passion for food and locally sourced produce
has been passed on to us and we continuously strive to follow
the example they have set and the Ryan name has always been
synonymous with quality. Thomas and Michelle were wed in 2007.
It was around this time that Michelle, who had come from a long
line of quality cooks, with recipes passed down to her from both
her mother and grandmother, took an interest in taking over the
kitchen responsibilities. Ryan’s Food Emporium opened its doors
in 2010 and continues to develop its commitment to delicious,
locally sourced meat and fish as well as home baked breads,
including Michelle’s famous Ginger Guinness Fruit Bread.

W: www.ryansfoodemporium.com
E: ryansfoodemporium@gmail.com
T: 094 95 46035

Ryan’s Food Emporium,
Deli · Butcher

Main Street, Cong, County Mayo.

T: (094) 954 6035

W : www.ryansfoodemporium.com