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Novelty Games

Through out the 2 days Cong Food Village festival will host Novelty Games such as 

Wellie Throwing & Egg Roulette. Entries are taken on the day. 

Wellie Throwing

Egg Roulette Championships

Wellie Throwing takes place Saturday & Sunday. The aim of the Welly Wanging game is to throw a wellington boot as far as you can. All ages can take part.

Entries taken at 12 noon. €2 per person

1st & 2nd Trophies Sponsored By Oliver Kelliher     

Egg Roulette Championships take place Saturday & Sunday.  In an eggshell, it consists of having six eggs, one of which is raw and the rest of which are cooked. The players must hit themselves on the heads with the egg, and the loser is the one who gets the raw egg––and mess! 

Entries Taken at 1pm each day. €2 per person 

1st & 2nd Trophies Sponsored By Oliver Kelliher