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The Newport Shepherds Master Sheepdog Demonstration
Free Event

Saturday 8th July

12.00hrs & 14.00hrs

Sunday 9th July

12.00hrs & 14.00hrs

The Newport Shepherds are committed to caring for, protecting, and enhancing our nation’s heritage for future generations. Having perfected our skills on the hills of Newport, Co. Mayo and the Andes, our sheepdog training and demonstration business offers a unique experience for all.
Advocates of outdoor learning, The Newport Shepherds have also been busy providing children of all ages and abilities with a valuable insight into the Irish landscape, its farming benefits for biodiversity, and the importance of the role farmers play in maintaining and enriching wildlife, flora and fauna to support healthy ecosystems. With their workshops, tailored for all ages and abilities, The Newport Shepherds are bringing Agricultural Science to life. 
The Newport Shepherds have also recently started to visit nursing homes. With many residents having been raised on farms and been farmers themselves, The Newport Shepherds have been bringing a little extra happiness and joy to residents and care staff.